Who are we?

We are “Drips.” We are a small software development firm composed primarily of programmers and designers operating out of a spacious studio office located in the heart of downtown Akron's historic district. Learn more about our team and office at www.Squints.io, learn more about our software/service here www.Drips.com.

We follow a strict work-hard/play-hard mentality and our perks are many. We have a very relaxed dress code here, as we want everyone to be comfortable. We’ve stocked our beautiful 6,200-square-foot studio office with cozy couches, oversized bean bags, and comfy office furniture. No cubicle farms here. We want the best and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the best happy and productive.

While taking breaks you can enjoy arcade games, movies and TV shows on 60" LED TVs, pick up a game of foosball or other random toys. Breakfast & ridiculous lunches are provided daily via our personal in-house chef. To keep hydrated and energized, you will have an endless supply of various caffeinated drinks, LaCroix, Red Bull, Coke, green tea, and the like. Or pour yourself countless cups of coffee.

  • Arcade machines, xbox, fooseball

  • Every caffeinated drink, ever

  • Walking "Treadmill" Desk

  • Lunch provided daily via catering, chef, or group outings to local restaurants

  • A.C. Evans


    “ Squints is the result of a meticulously cultivated culture. A culture that is a reflection of my own ideals of the perfect work environment, doing a job I love, and working alongside teammates I'm proud to call my friends. ”

  • Jeff Beck

    Senior Software Engineer

    “ Squints is an environment like none other. Laid back, comfortable environment that still stays productive and on point. Active and engaged owners combined with a seasoned Sr. development staff makes for a perfect storm of learning and productivity. Management staff is focused on developer / employee needs and helping them achieve optimal performance. The right tools are always handy whether it be hardware, software, tool kits, and or Red Bull. We say "Work hard, play hard" and we actually mean it! ”

  • Curtis Holton


    “ Interesting projects to work on, a great learning experience and a relaxed environment. Knowledgeable developers who are available to ask questions and learn from, as well as realistic expectations from superiors. ”